When it comes to HIFU, why choose Meko Clinic?

HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) is an innovative treatment for skin tightening and is considered as effective as surgery. HIFU can reshape the face, tighten the skin, increase the prominence of the facial frame, lift the brows and corners of the eyes, and treat double chin. It is painless, doesn’t involve incisions, and is certified by the US FDA for safety.

What makes Meko Clinic the best choice for HIFU?

•          HIFU is trusted by many celebrities and stars.

•          Does not require a lengthy recovery period.

•          Performed by expert doctors.

•          Uses the latest technology.

Meko's HIFU Results

Steps of Service



Payment can be done in two ways:
• Bank transfer (please provide proof of transfer to our staff)
• Cash or credit card (0% interest for 10 months)


Preparing for HIFU

No preparation is necessary for HIFU


During the Procedure

• Wash your face and the area to be treated with the solution provided by Meko Clinic.
• Apply the topical anesthetic where the HIFU will be used. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to become effective.
• The doctor will begin the HIFU. The procedure takes about 30-40 minutes.
• You can go home immediately after the procedure. There will be no wounds and no recovery time is needed.


After the HIFU

• There is no recovery time after HIFU and you can resume normal activities without needing to rest your skin as the treatment doesn’t damage your skin. The treated skin will look better and better over time.
• You may notice some redness or pinkness or deep swelling under your skin. Avoid touching your skin too roughly.
• You can use makeup and wear sunscreen and moisturizer as normal.
• You can do other treatments or laser treatments after one week. It is recommended that you focus on treatments that moisturize the skin or those recommended by your doctor.