Life-Changing Filler with Kib Kab “Let Me in Thailand” No. 5
With the no. 1 filler trainer at Meko Clinic

I believe that many women have flaws on their faces, whether it’s asymmetry or blemishes. Some women may not be happy that their face isn’t quite perfect. Today I’m going to go behind the scenes of how a homely, unattractive girl transformed into a beauty.

When it comes to Meko Clinic, the doctor has done thousands of cases. Whenever the doctor is in the clinic the queues are long all day. I was very happy to be a special case to receive fillers from a Top 5 doctor.

On the day of the procedure I was very excited. It would be my first time getting fillers. I wasn’t afraid, though, because Meko Clinic has great doctors, high-quality medication, and excellent service. I wasn’t afraid at all! I was ready to be beautiful.

Many people are wondering what problems I had so let’s talk about that. Before getting fillers I had my eyes and nose done and during recovery there is usually some swelling. I am sharing my real “before” pictures so you can see the difference clearly.

The procedure took more than four hours to treat the flaws in my face. Let’s see how dramatically my life was changed by fillers.

When the doctor started injecting under my eyes, I have to say that Dr.Au is very gentle. The doctor has a special technique to inject fillers. He slowly injects fillers under the eyes so they look natural and don’t clump together.

My problem is that my forehead is sunken, like a man’s, making my face look disproportionate. So the doctor put fillers in my forehead.

After injecting the doctor used the same filler in problem areas, making my face look proportionate and soft, and my forehead had more dimension. I was very impressed with the results.

Chin filler

I had a blunt chin and it was almost nonexistent. The doctor added fillers to help the chin be more prominent and better suited to my face.

Cheek filler

The doctor added fillers to my cheeks with his special technique to lift my sagging cheeks.

After the procedure I was very happy because my tired, sagging face with so many flaws was transformed by the doctor in all the right areas, changing the life of this one girl so she can live confidently.

The filler procedure was a major procedure and I am grateful to Meko Clinic for giving me the opportunity to have my life changed with dermal fillers with Dr. Au, a Top 3 dermal filler expert in Thailand. I’d like to pass on that before you get fillers done, make sure to research the clinic well. Choose a clinic that is safe and where fillers are injected by specialist doctors only.

Result By Dr. Tanonnatt kornnoparith