Hi! I’m Mimi. You may have seen me in the modeling world. I would like to review the nasal hump removal (shaving). It is not an augmentation because my nose is already a good shape. I just wanted to alter my nose so the bridge had a nice, natural slope. I have a nose like a man. It’s big and the bridge is quite sharp; it doesn’t look feminine like other women.

Should I augment? I really wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to look like a witch. So I decided it’s better to remove it by shaving down the hump. Then it was time to choose a clinic. This wasn’t really hard because I already had Meko Clinic in my mind. It is a well-known clinic in the modeling and pretty world, and it is talked about a lot.

The doctor said that the hump shaving has to be done using an open technique, which means making an incision down the center of the nose. This requires an anesthesiologist because it is major surgery. I had to get a health check-up as well to make sure my body could handle the procedure. If I didn’t pass the check-up, I couldn’t do the procedure. Luckily I am quite healthy. I followed all of the doctor’s instructions.

And then it came, one of the most exciting days of my life! Have to be strong because beauty can’t wait! I fasted as instructed by the doctor. All the nurses were so sweet. I changed my clothes and then lay down and waited so I could be relaxed. The anesthesiologist then put me to sleep and I wasn’t aware of anything at all. It is definitely safe because the clinic meets so many international standards. When I woke up again four hours had passed. I felt a little disoriented. I could feel some tightness at my nose, but it wasn’t too painful.

On the fifth day there was a little swelling. The first time I saw my nose it had a beautiful slope, just as I had wanted. I was very happy.

Seven days now! Swelling has gone down quite a lot. I’m sure it’s because of the doctor’s skills.

I feel that my face looks sweeter and more feminine. It’s been two weeks and you can’t even tell that I had surgery.

After the procedure all my modeling friends asked me what I did and why my face was so different and looked so much softer. I didn’t say anything and just smiled to myself. I told them to go talk to Meko Clinic. Life was better after that (or maybe that was all in my mind). I had plenty of modeling work. Recently I was even contacted to do some ad work.

I’m very happy. Thank you so much to Meko Clinic. Some people will say it’s not connected, but I believe it is. Surgery changed my life.

From the pictures of me before the procedure, my face looked quite tough, and if I didn’t wear any makeup, I felt I looked like a man. After the procedure I feel beautiful and love the slope of my nose. Whenever I see this picture I smile.

Result By Dr. Supasid Jirawatnotai