When it comes to BO, why choose Meko Clinic?

Botox is normally used to reduce wrinkles, but it can also be used to reshape your face so it is slimmer. Our team of expert doctors can design the right face for you, making BO an innovative choice for reshaping your face and correcting flaws without surgery. After the procedure you can resume normal activities immediately without requiring any recovery time.

After being injected into the muscles of the jaw, the medication will attach to the nerve roots that are connected to the muscles and cause them to stop working. But the other muscles not affected by the medication will function normally. Your muscles will still be able to help you chew after Botox is injected into the jaw. About one to two weeks after the procedure you will notice that your jaw is slimmer and your face has a more distinct V shape, but results are best after one month and will remain for approximately six to eight months, depending on the individual.

What makes Meko Clinic the best choice for BO?

  • Botox is injected by medical professionals who specialize in facial reshaping.
  • The procedure is safe and 100% authentic Botox is used and we have certificates of guarantee to prove it.
  • You will consult with our expert team who will analyze your face and make specific corrections right for you.

Meko's B-tox Results

Steps of Service



Payment can be done in two ways:
• Bank transfer (please provide proof of transfer to our staff)
• Cash or credit card (0% interest for 10 months)


Preparing for B-tox

• One week before the procedure, stop taking NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen, Vitamin E, fish oil, and ginkgo biloba to reduce bruising.
• One to two days before the Botox injections, please stop Vitamin A products and AHA and do not exfoliate your face.
• Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before the procedure.
• If you have a history of herpes, please let the doctor know before the procedure.


During the Procedure

• Please sit up straight with your back against the chair.
• You can choose the level of anesthesia you prefer, from using ice to applying topical anesthesia (or as recommended by the doctor).
• The procedure takes 15 minutes or sometimes more, depending on the amount of medication used.


After the B-tox

• In the first one to two hours after the procedure, move the muscles where the medication was injected to help it penetrate the muscles more.
• In the first four hours after the procedure, don’t like flat or on your side and don’t bend over.
• In the first 24 hours after the procedure, avoid using medication or cosmetics that can irritate the skin, such as Vitamin A acid, AHA, and Vitamin C.
• In the first week after the procedure, avoid strenuous exercise or yoga.
• For two weeks after the procedure, avoid facial treatments, sauna, and laser treatments on the skin.
• You can apply makeup and use creams normally after the procedure but apply them gently and do not use too much pressure on your skin.
• See your doctor if you have any questions or experience any adverse effects.
• You can use cold compresses to alleviate swelling and redness.
• Ecchymosis (small bruising) may occur. This is normal and temporary. It will disappear on its own.
• You may feel some skin tightness three to four days after the procedure. This is normal and will disappear on its own within one to two weeks.